Getting to Jisan Ski Forest Resort

For people still in the unknown,I made my very first skiing trip yesterday!

And I did so with much help from: Seriously, if not for this blog, I don’t think my skiing trip would have came true. So thank you so much, to whoever is the blog owner 😀

Unfortunately, the post is written entirely in Chinese. As much as I benefitted from the blog post, I want others to benefit too. Therefore,I decided to do an english version of the instructions.

First off, Jisan isn’t exactly the best ski resort in Korea. There are others far more popular and famous. However, for beginners, Jisan is a perfect start. The slopes they have are pretty gentle and for those who are up for a challenge, you can most definitely take a lift up to the steeper slopes. Jisan’s pretty near from Seoul, which means a good choice for people who wish to ski and don’t want to stay overnight because of the long journey and high expenses.

Like the blogger, I didn’t want to go to the ski resort via a chartered bus mainly because it was expensive and troublesome.

The day started off when we met everyone who wanted to go skiing at the International Building at 9am. Breakfast was of course the first on our list and this is a good choice for everyone who are headed to ski resorts. The journey to the ski resort is long and tiring. Therefore, even more important to make sure that your stomachs are filled up (:

Breakfast was a simple affair with toasts right outside 이대.

Group photo before setting off to the ski resort

To get to Jisan Ski Resort, the first step is to take an express bus from East Seoul Bus terminal (english translation). The bus terminal is located at Gangbyeon subway station (214) on Line 2 of the subway line a.k.a the green line.

From Ewha subway station, it is a straight line down, but beware of the trains you are taking. Basically there are two types: the inbound and the outbound one. Be sure to take the INBOUND one because the other one would take you somewhere else far from Gangbyeon.

If in any case,you mistook the outbound train,just alight at SEONGSU station and wait for the next train to bring you to Gangbyeon.


Once you reach Gangbyeon, go out of the station via EXIT 04.

You will see a road right in front of it. Cross the road and head all the way straight and there is East Seoul bus terminal. Alternatively, just follow the crowd. Most of them are headed towards the bus terminal.

Look for the below picture once you enter the terminal. This is the counter where you will have to buy the express bus ticket that takes you towards ICHEON (이천)

Tell the lady at the counter,that you want a ticket to YI-CHEON, and your ticket should look like this. Make sure that the destination is correct and take note of the boarding gate and boarding time.

For those who are not well-versed in Korean, and are afraid that the lady would not understand you, I suggest adopting the method as shown on the original blog: write on a piece of paper: 이천고숙 and show it to the lady. She will get it and pass you the tickets.

This is where you exit to take the express bus. One suggestion is to go out slightly early just to make sure that you got the correct place. The bus wouldn’t wait for the late ones.

Before boarding, make sure that the bus is really headed to Icheon, because the express buses do not stop halfway and hence, if you board the wrong bus,it is really hard to turn back. Ask the bus driver again just to confirm, even though he will check your tickets before letting you board.

The express bus journey would take approximately an hour and no worries even if you were to nap on the bus because the place for alighting, is the final stop.


After reaching Icheon, to get to Jisan, you would have to change to the local bus no. 12.

[UPDATE: A reader commented that bus 12 is located in Terminal 4]

I am not so sure about the price because I actually paid using  T-Money (similar to ezlink in Singapore). Be careful not to oversleep on this bus because the alighting point is actually the SECOND LAST STOP. To be safe,it is better to tell the bus driver to inform you when the stop comes.

Write on a piece of paper again, “지산레스트 도척하면 알려 주세요. 감사합니다!”(Translation: Please let me know once we reached Jisan Resort. Thank you)


After alighting, there is still a 15-20mins walk before reaching Jisan.

If you see this bus stop across the one you have alighted,it means you are at the right place. Continue walking straight,following the JISAN FOREST RESORT sign on the sign board. It is a straight road and if you are on the right track,you should see this on the way:


The next step will to be renting of skis and ski suits. The staff are fairly conversant in English and should be able to answer your queries. Just tell them that you want to ski/snowboard and they will pass you a ticket and map to direct you towards the ski rentals area.

All is left,is the rental of the suits,which is at the exact same place as the ski rentals.When we were there, the rental for the skis was 8900won, and the suits were 10,000won. So technically, we spent less than 30,000won including transport, on the ski trip.

Just a note, because the whole bunch of us were beginners, we didn’t rent the ski lifts which actually cost 40,000won. This explains why we spent so little on skiing. For those who want the lifts, it is impossible to do so within 30,000won!

We skied for 3hrs and called it quits as Jisan had to stop for an hour or so to prepare for the evening ski groups. Going back to Ewha is as long a journey as coming to Jisan, with the same directions, except in reverse.

Take bus 12 to icheon and from there, buy an express bus ticket back to east seoul bus terminal. (DONG SEOUL). Once you reach,just take the subway all the way back and you are done for the day 😀

We were starved after the long day of traveling and skiing, so to reward ourselves,we decided to go meat-eating 😀

They have a really special way of eating these marinated chicken. For one,you can see how much veggies are inside the pot. Basically,you eat the chicken just like that, with cabbage,kimchi and salads.

We were craving for rice but it turns out that people in Korea,finish their chicken then eat their rice (in this particular dish). Tell the waitress that you want rice after the chicken and she will automatically bring you a plate of rice mixed with seaweed.

She will proceed to fry the rice in the pot,infusing the seaweed rice with the leftover gravy from the meat.The end result:

I have no idea how much weight i have gained, and I don’t even want to know! A very good reward for having worked hard the entire day 😀

The exciting thing, our weekend wasn’t done just after skiing.We actually won tickets to Kcollection, a Kpop and fashion fusion concert at Seoul Olympic stadium. Free tickets to see kpop stars,who would say no to that? Look out for my next blog post for the happenings in the concert!

2017 UPDATE: 
Unlike back in 2012, the Jisan Resort website is now fully refurbished with English, including directions and rates. That would make for a good starting point for some research.

2014 UPDATE:
Jisan Ski Resort seems to be providing a free shuttle service for visitors now. Leaving from the designated pick-up location at 7.30am, the shuttle has two return timings to Seoul, 1pm and 5pm. This would make going to the resort far less complicated. Though, it seems you would need someone proficient in Korean to help make the shuttle booking from the resort.


18 responses to “Getting to Jisan Ski Forest Resort

  1. thanks for your blog. i intend to go ski either at jisan or yangji, but not sure which to choose. just wondering why the cost of renting ski equipment and ski suits is so cheap because i read that ski rental needs 17,000won and ski suits rental needs 20,000won. hope you can help.

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    Ski Austria.

  5. Hi there, I am sorry I didn't get to reply your message back then. I was really caught up in some insane thing back home ): but still, hope you had fun with the ski-trip!I would like to read about it as well, if you have a blog or something! cheers (:

  6. Thanks so much to your blog! We got to Jisan last Sunday by public transportation. Ski (10,500 won) and clothes (13,000) rental are very affordable. It snowed a lot too and my family really enjoyed it.

    Just a detail on Bus No. 12: it is inside the bus terminal, platform 4.

    • Hi! I am glad this was helpful! Thanks for the feedback, I will add it to the post, so hopefully it will help more people looking to head to Jisan Resort (: Just wondering were there anything you found was outdated information, given this post was written in 2012? Thanks once again, and glad to hear your family had a great time! (:

    • Hi there. I was searching for information on how to go skiing by own (budget) instead of tour, and come across your great input. May I know is there any entrance fee for Jisan Resort, beside ski rental and any basic learning provided?

      • Hi May,

        Thanks for your comment. As you can see from the post, I made the trip back in 2012, and there might have been some changes, but there were no entrance fees. Just rental fee if you wanted to gove it a go yourself. If you want lessons, you will have to pay extra to hire an instructor (:

    • Hi platypunk, so basically we just need to pay for the ski and clothes rent to get in right?

      As the lift pass is too expensive, I just need the ski experience

  7. Hi, nice write up u got here. Just wondering, do u really need to take a bus frm East Seoul to Incheon Bus Terminal? Or can we just take a train to Incheon Bus Terminal? Coz frm the train map it seems the bus terminal is connected to a train station.

    Thanks in advance

    – Imran

    • Hi Imran, thanks for the comments. The bus terminal is Icheon, and from what I am aware, to get there, the nearest train station will be Gangbyeon aka location of Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. Hope this helps!

    • Hi WishingTree, I believe ski lessons are available in English. We did not try booking a class during our visit, so not too sure if a walk-in visit can work. You may want to consider booking online just to be sure.

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