010312 Cheonggyecheon stream (청계천)

i made a trip down to Cheonggyecheon Stream on 1st March,which coincidentally, is a public holiday in korea. (March 1st Movement people!)
anyway,Cheonggyecheon Stream is a total of 8.4km long,stretching across 10 subway stations.
we were taking a pretty long time to decide how to spend our first weekend in korea,and Cheonggyechon just struck us as it was a really convenient location.
walking by the stream in a chilly weather is a new experience as well.
the cone here is a significant landmark of cheonggyecheon.
so for people who are in korea for the first time,,and still confused by the roads,
know that you are safe once you see this tall cone.
it means the stream is just round the corner.
because of the length of the stream,there are several subway stations which you can drop down.
for us,we decided to walk from one end to wherever we felt like and move on.
so from 이대 on LINE 2 (the green line), we alighted at Euljiro 1 (il)-ga Station on LINE 2 as well.
once you alight,look for the board which gives which exit to go to.
there should be a big sign towards Cheonggyecheon
exit out of the station and walk backwards.
just continue walking straight and you should be able to see the statue of KingSejong.
head towards there until you reach the cone,and you have reached Cheonggyecheon (:
this is basically the starting of the stream (look at the beautiful waterfall!)
and see the cone behind?
apparently,this is a really popular location for strolls and walks amongst korean people esp. couples.
i can’t even remember how many couples i saw while walking down the stream.
anyways,that aside,I’m still a very happy person,esp since i am having fun in korea.mwhaha
i highly recommend a visit to Cheonggyecheon Stream though it is not that much of a tourist attraction like Namsan tower.
and if possible,come down at nighttime,
because they do have a water and laser performance by the waterfall.
i didn’t get to see it though,because we had other plans for the night.
by the day view is as pretty,walking down the stream in a leisure manner.
however,if you basically hate walking,then don’t consider this tour option because it involves lots of walking on a flat terrain.
the beautiful stream accompanied by fantastic weather that day.
it was already the better weather since i came to korea and is still cold,look at the real snow!
random showcase of my lunch at a japanese restaurant.
the thing about korea is that even though the prices of the food are around the same as singapore,but it comes with a lot of “free” stuff or what is commonly known as SERVICE here.
the kimchi is a sure,and sometimes,you have salads and soups too.
like this restaurant,they gave us so many side dishes and even fruits as service.
seriously,their side dishes and service amounts to like a entire meal.
not to mention,the provide water for free,
not like singapore who charges SERVICE CHARGE for every meal.
so we walked a lot and decided it was enough.
the next stop,with more walking,is GWANGJASHIJANG
which basically means,gwangja market.
heard of the saying: to truly experience a country,go to its market,
and thats what we did.and we were at the right market: A FOOD MARKET!
and guess what,i tried SUNDAE!
surprisingly,i really like it.like really.
i even ate it with the pig’s kidney.
this is how it looks like,with rice inside.
so never judge a food by its appearance,especially if you had seen it like this:
try it before judging!
dinner was something that i have always wanted to try even since in Singapore–Samgyeopsal
if you are into K-pop,this happens to be Nichkhun’s favourite food #justsaying.
the restaurant we went to (or 고기집 as the koreans call it,) is located just at Sinchon which is one stop away from Ewha and within walkable distance.
my roommate brought us over and it is really cheap here.
we ordered 4 servings of meat with a special order of pork ribs,along with rice and a bottle of 막거 리 (korean rice wine) which left all 6 of us full to the max.
it cost only 29,000 won which is 32sgd.
one person pays like 18sgd in Singapore for low quality meat.
the meat here is so juicy and meaty and fatty.
i am loving life in korea especially and weather and the food.
i adapted very well and to be honest,haven’t missed Singapore a bit.
3 weeks have passed and i can’t believe my exchange is going to end soon.
i really envy my Jap and American friends who are staying for a year.

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