Gyeongbokgung (경복공)

I am on a blogging spree today because i just finished my N.Korea presentation today!(:

my trip goes on to Gyeongbokgung
i am sure it is a big fact that Korea is a country with many histories and culture assets
one of their major cultural assets are their palaces.
according to wiki,there are a total of 6 palaces in Korea with Cheongdeokgung listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.
Gyeongbokgung,though not one of the world heritage sites,is located at the heart of Seoul,and is the “main and largest palace of the Five Grand Palaces built by the Joseon Dynasty.”
Hence,definitely worth a trip down.
For people who are really interested in history of Korea and the historical sites, I strongly recommend visiting both Gyeongbokgung and Cheongdeokgung because both palaces are very close to one another.
In fact,most tours including visits to historical palaces,would visit both of them at one-go.They are a definite must see in Korea.
PS: If you think Korea’s all about shopping,you are very wrong.
Anyway,Gyeongbokgung is station no 327 on LINE 3 (orange line).
From Ewha,you can either take the subway or the bus from the backgate of Ewha.
I went with my buddy,which was why we were able to take the bus.
But for foreigners or first-time visitors,it is always safer to rely on the subway instead even though the bus trip is only 2 stops away.
we were greeted by a army of guards right at the entrance of Gyeongbokgung.
Everything felt really realistic and i was excited(initially,the wind and weather totally ruined my mood of traveling ); )
in order to tour round Gyeongbokgung,you have to purchase a ticket at the ticketing booth on your right hand side once you step into the vicinity of the palace.
Tickets are only 3000 won and it entails to only the palace,but also the National Folk Museum inside Gyeongbokgung.
Definitely worth it,just wished that i was more energetic that day ):
I was really intrigued by the architecture and design of the palace roofs.
seriously,there isn’t even a small palace in Singapore and i have never been to China.
of course i would be fascinated by stuff like these:
however,because we did not have a guide with us,there was no one to explain to us about each structure and its meaning.
according to my friend,it would have been much more fruitful if a guide was with us.
we tried eavesdropping on the guide next to us when we walked around,but she was speaking in Korean :/
So anyone who is seriously interested,get a guide!
YAY!a pretty picture with the pretty palace.
from the outside of Gyeongbokgung,you can also get a glimpse of the Bluehouse a.k.a the presidential residence.
if you had watched CityHunter featuring the hunky LeeMinHo and pretty ParkMinYoung,yes,the Bluehouse is where the main part of the drama took place at.
the one with the blue roof is the blue house!
the 3000won ticket allows you to enter the museum as well.
for people looking for souvenirs,there is a souvenir shop inside the museum which sells items ranging from post-cards to arm couches used in the past.
i have no idea what this is used for,but i really liked it! (:
coming out from the museum,we were greeted by what i thought,was the prettiest part of Gyeongbokgung,the pavilion:
apparently,we can’t access to the pavilion and can only see it from afar.
we took a ton of photos here because it is so beautiful.
at least i became more energetic here~
so basically,this is all Gyeongbokgung has to offer.
its fabulous-ness is hard to express through mere photos.
though,i was actually expecting more due to all the dramas i have been watching.
however,from what i heard,Gyeongbokgung used to have much more palaces and not as vacant as now.
but,the war with the Japanese in the past,destroyed most of the architectural.
as such,not much of it is left today.
what a pity.
i can only imagine its magnificence during its prime time.
we walked around a lot just to locate the bus-stop back to Ewha.
The bus-stops here are very hard to locate and unlike Singapore,they are not directly opposite one another.
we got so hungry and just decided to eat because the whole bunch of us were hungry,tired and cold.
the small alley where we found a restaurant specializing in fried pancakes and main dishes
btw,i really love these small allies that are everywhere in Korea.
they are just so ancient and with 古早味.
that day was really cold and the first thing that caught my eye off the menu is 국수 aka noodles soup.
what a perfect meal to heat myself up.
but the ahjumma brought over a bowl of COLD NOODLES~
not exactly something i expected but at least it had gochujang in it.
i definitely prefer hot noodles to cold noodles.
and guess what?
they actually have popeyes in korea!
have to try it one time!
i tried Lotteria and it wasn’t that good.
craving for Western food after all the good Korean food.

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