Hangang and Yeouido park (한강,여의도 공원)

Spring is finally on its way and after enduring the first few weeks of extreme cold (for Singaporean standards), we can finally stop wearing the thermal wear. The temperatures are consistently above 12°C in the afternoons (:
What’s so contradicting is that I actually miss the cold. Sound stupid but seriously, somehow, it signified the start of a new term and insane fun. Now that spring is here, it seems to be counting down to my return to Singapore and reality. Saddening, like the petals that are about to fall off. When that happens, I would really start to miss Seoul a lot more.
That being said, it still does not spoil our mood right here as the cherry blossoms are all starting to bloom. If you ever notice my Facebook, there are plenty of photos of the beautiful blooms. Very interesting and something we would never see in Singapore!
Which is why, in accordance with the arrival of spring, my place of interest for discussion is… HANGANG and YEOUIDO.
I am sure Hangang is somewhere that you would have often hear about, not only from dramas, variety shows and also Korean tourism websites. A little introduction about Hangang aka the Han River:
The Han River is a major river in South Korea…Although it is not a long river, the lower Han is remarkably broad for such a relatively short river. Within Seoul city limits, the river is more than 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) wide.
Along the banks of the river, especially in Seoul, pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths are available on both sides of the river. Various restaurants and cafes are located on these paths. While most bridges crossing the Han are for motor vehicles or subways only, citizens may cross select bridges on foot or by bicycle.
Yeouido (Yoi Island or Yeoui Island) is a large island in the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. It is Seoul’s main business and investment banking district.
I first went to Yeouido on the 3rd week of March for cycling, which of course, was freezing cold. I remember how we had to cycle as fast as we could and get into the warm shelter… bad choice for cycling I must say, but thank god I didn’t catch a cold.
That being said, because it was the first time there, I was really amazed by the scenery and the wide Hanriver. As we all know, all Singapore has is Singapore river -.-!
ps: look at the huge range of bicycles they offer!i really liked the one with the basket that we all rented!so pretty and nice 😀
crd: From Sophie’s camera
I actually naively thought we could cycle one round back to where we rented the bicycle which for your information, is not possible unless you plan to cycle for >5hrs, or even more. i.e. go Google for yourself how big Hangang is. We actually managed to cycle near to Apgujeong, which we thought was quite a feat already in the cold weather.
So anyway, the bottom line is the road along Hangang, is a perfect place for leisure activities. But beware if you hate couples, because all around, you are going to see couples cuddling, holding hands, cycling couple bikes. Korea’s not known as a ‘couple-ly’ country for nothing you know~
(I have no proof shot for this, but ask anyone who have been to Korea, and you will know!i am not lying!@.@)
After learning from the previous trip, the 2nd time I went back to Hangang was a perfect temperature of 15°C~ this time I chose the option of walking instead of cycling. Is actually really cool to walk along the mild breeze with an ice-cream (:
This time, I came too early for the cherry blossoms, and as you can see, the trees were still bare. My aim was actually the 63-building (the gold building), and my friend actually wanted to go all the way up.
Unfortunately, the price for the package was a bit overwhelming for poor students like us, and considering the view in the afternoon, it wasn’t that worth it. So we abandoned that plan and continued the light stroll along Hangang instead!
My third time to Hangang was for the opening of the cherry blossom festival.
For those who do not know, the flowers usually bloom early April in Seoul and when that happens, a festival will be held at Yeouido to celebrate. Basically, is like a display of flowers.
Once again, I was disappointed, because the weird Seoul weather meant that the flowers have yet to bloom!!!!
the whole group of us were so disappointed at first, and started walking toward KBS broadcasting station. That was when we saw hope. FLOWERS WERE THERE!! 😀
dont deny, is pretty impressive right
ps: i thick-skin-ly think that my photography skills is not bad 😛
To add to our happiness and excitement, there was going to be a fireworks display for the opening ceremony!!WOW,first time seeing fireworks in Korea, excited like a mad 😀
it looks pretty plain here right? but mind you, it was no ordinary fireworks!HEH!!
I wasn’t that impressed at first too, since Singapore has really great fireworks but the more the show went on, the more excited I became. The fireworks types they had were so special esp. this:
basically, is that of a cloud and the fireworks were like rain.
this was like the epitome of cool! the first time ever i saw such fireworks display. seriously, the pictures really don’t do it justice. i aldry tired my best to photography its beauty, but still it came out not what i wanted >: I really wished I had a high quality dslr at that time…
And now that the weather is so much warmer, I don’t even have to go down to Yeouinaru for flowers. I get them right in my school and the street out of school.
Ps: there are several ways to get to Hangang because it is such a huge river stretching along several subway stations.
Specially, come at night if you want to witness the spectacular Banpo Bridge. Personally, I haven’t been to see it, but will definitely not miss it. Just imagine siting at a café nearby looking at the great scenery with a few good friends, or just CHIMAE!! JJANG! 😀

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