Nami Island, the home to Winter Sonata

I got the opportunity to visit nami-seom thanks to one of my friends, who were going there with her course mates.
she kindly asked us if we wanted to tag along so we agreed,a trip we don’t have to plan,just pay the money and go 😀
Which is why sadly, i don’t have the budget for a trip to Nami-seom.
we actually paid a total of 25,000 won inclusive of traveling (by public transport), snacks for lunch, and a sumptuous dinner. A safe estimate for a trip to be nami-seon would be approximately 20,000won exclusive of meals.
We had to wake up really early on a Saturday morning in order to reach nami-seom by the afternoon.
Nami-seom is an island near Gapyeong country and belongs to Chuncheon in Gangwon-do.
to get to nami-seom, you will have to take the subway to Gapyeong station which is on the Gyuongchun line.
After exiting the station, hail a cab to reach the ferry terminal of nami-seom. Traveling by bus there is also possible but if you have 4 people, taking a cab would be much more convenient. furthermore, the distance is short enough that the cab fee adds up to only <5000 won. I wouldn’t bother waiting for a bus if i were to go there on my own.
Anyhow, this island was not famously known by others and not a lot of people even visited this place. that is, until it was featured in the first ever Hallyu drama: Winter Sonata, which managed to put not only K-dramas on the Asia stage, but also propelled the island to popularity amongst the drama fans and tourists to Korea in general. Which is no surprise that present day Nami-seom, is a huge and major tourist attraction in part due to its beautiful scenery and in part, due to the outreach of Winter Sonata
A very interesting thing is that nami-seom is actually an imaginary country in Korea, which is why, it is also known as Naminara Republic at times.
“it declared itself a self-governing country in 2006 … In addition, it has invented its own passport, currency, stamp and telephone card, and has promoted the establishment of Naminara in other countries.”
The “immigration gate” we have to pass through to get to the ferry which brings us to nami-seom. the ‘passport’ is of course the ferry ticket that you have to purchase
Walking towards the ferry on a very cold day.
We were actually so relieved to get onto the ferry because it was really warm and nice inside.
That was when I started to actively take photos as well.
My hands were so frozen that the last thing I could think of, is to snap photos at first. T.T
The multiple flags on the ferry,Why no Singapore?!!
For anyone who happens to have motion sickness, i don’t think that is anything to worry about.
The ferry is so huge that you can hardly even feel it move while traveling towards Nami-seom. In fact, I didn’t even feel that i was on a moving ferry until I looked out and actually see the sea. That being said, still bring your motion-sickness pills along!
or in fact, there is another way you can get to nami-seom!!
i would have never imagined it if i haven’t seen it,you can practically FLY to nami-seom
i am not kidding,and by fly i don’t mean by plane but this:
yes,flying fox all the way to nami-seom!!
how cool is that?!!
the zipline is 80m above ground and is 940m long with top speeds reaching 34mile/hr
imagine zip lining for 1km!!
i would have done it,seriously,if not for the insanely cold weather which by the way was 3 degrees Celsius
view of the zipline building.
as expected, ‘zipping’ over will cost much more.
a package,which includes the entrance and the return is around 38,000won
personally, i feel that is a really cool experience!
oh,and btw, if you are feeling adventurous enough after zipping to nami-seom,
after you return, you can actually try bungee jumping!they have it at the exact same area too.
(55m tower)
of course,i didn’t try it.
bungee jump’s definitely on my bucket list,just that i don’t know when i would have the courage to try it >.<
After a short ferry ride (10-15mins), Welcome to Nami-seom!
The first thing we realized upon stepping onto Nami (except for the excruciating cold), was the presence of snow man and stone sculptures all around the island. You can see tourists posing and taking photos with them as well.
I did not watch the drama so I am not sure what the snowman signifies, but as the saying goes, if you don’t know, just follow.
So just come to Nami and take loads of photos with/of snowman and stone sculptures.
maybe this was where Bae-Yongjun and Choi Ji-woo had their first kiss in the drama?
We were so hungry and cold that the moment we arrived, we had lunch~
A simple affair of toasted sandwich and kimbap never felt that blissful.
A little exaggerated but the sandwich was really good!i finished all of them in one go
i even ended up finishing my room-mate’s 😛
the defining feature of Nami-seon, is also the huge amounts of tress they have on the island.
if you were to google Nami-seon, I assure you that pictures of paths in between two rows of trees will come out (I tried it already,is really true!!haha)
Very pretty and amazing!but sadly, the time when we went, the flowers have yet to blossom.
Imagine the trees filled with flowers. WOW
I thought this was a pretty good shot because you can’t really see a lot of people crowding in the foreground of my picture. Because Nami-seom has grown to become such a popular tourist attraction, it means that hundreds of people flock to the island everyday.
This greatly reduces the aesthetics of the pictures taken ): not to mention, in nami-seom, you can rent this orange tent-hooded 4-person bicycle, which is widely popular because lazy people hate to walk. They are so huge that it appeared in almost all of the photos that i took. I had to delete a lot of them because of the the hideous orange tents ):
anyhow, thank god i managed to get a few good pictures,if not i might lock myself up and cry, because i would have to travel all the way back to nami again~!
is not that i don’t want to go back,but i feel that nami is the kind of place you wouldn’t want to go back again within such a short period of time.
6 months later,yes. but just 1 month later,definitely not.
if you had watched the latest ep of Running man, you would have realized the sky-bike!!heh,
we used to have it in Singapore too (remember Wild Wild Wet?)
i was really scared to ride it at first,no kidding, the turns when i rode it at WWW was really scary.
this was FUN.!
the really funny thing was that i went onto the ride with my camera sling acrossed me.
so you can imagine when the seatbelt goes now, i couldn’t even move my camera to take photos.
which was why i decided to unclip my seatbelt halfway through the ride so as to ‘un-sling’ my camera.
Petrina who was sitting next to me,totally freaked out,
she thought i was going to fall orsth.
so out of nowhere,the two of us just started screaming in mid-air.
i think the rest of the group thought we were going to fly out of the bicycle orsth.
so here’s one of the pictures i took after successfully and safely taking out my camera.
despite the risk i took, the pictures were so average.
disappointing >:
the point of nami-seon, except for its beauty, is of course the drama.
there is a section of the island dedicated to the drama and you will be able to see traces of the drama along the island
random but happy fact! I FOUND SINGAPORE~ WOO!!
we headed over to hapjeong (near ewha) for a really sumptuous and delicious dinner.
that was easily one of the best dinners i had,
so i was too busy eating rather than taking photos
the people from my group was too happy to go back straight after we reach ewha so we ended up chit-chatting in our room, with plum wine(?) that the ‘buddies’ gave to us.



ps: i don’t usually tease kor-glish, but this description of nami-seom is really interestingly hilarious.


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