#Instawow Places of Singapore

I hopped on the Instagram train slightly more than a year ago, and it did not take long for it to become my favourite app. I never saw myself as a picture kind of person, but Instagram allowed me to see the world through the “spur-of-the-moment” snaps of people from all walks of life.

I recently discovered the vibrant Instagram community in Singapore, and am surprised to find many unique locations in Singapore through them, that I have in the past, never stopped to take a closer look. In a way, it allowed me to rediscover my tiny country beyond just the lights and glitter of Marina Bay or Orchard Road.

There are still a lot of places I hope to visit, but meanwhile, here is my top 5 #instawow locations of Singapore in 2014. Hopefully, for anyone intending to visit, whether or not you are hooked on Instagram, these places will allow you to see Singapore from a different POV.

1. #lonetree at Punggol Waterway Park

[UPDATE: As of Dec 2015, the lone tree has been cut down due to public safety reasons. The alternate #instaworthy tree shot is at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park] 

Situated at the far end of Singapore, Punggol is not exactly a place tourists would think of visiting. However,the Punggol Waterway Park boosts a #lonetree that has been the whimsical backdrop for multiple instagram photos.

2014-05-02 04.12.22 1_1

Its proximity to Punggol Jetty, Punggol Stables, and the nearby Sengkang Riverside Park, also makes it a nice photowalk location for insta-enthusiasts. For travellers, this area makes for a welcome change over the Singapore cityscape.

2. Above the clouds: ION Sky

Unless you are a gusty rooftopper, you can only stare in envy (and cold sweat) at daredevil above-the-city-shots. But thanks to the high-rise buildings we are so famous for, it offers us scaredy-cats an opportunity to stand at the top of Singapore. At 56 storeys high, ION Sky offers “an unrivalled 360-degree view” of our country.


Perfect backdrop for photos. Plus free admission! Who wouldn’t like it?

3. Old-school: Rooftop of People’s Park Complex (珍珠坊)

Chinatown has always been a popular location for visitors and Singaporeans due to its heritage. But beyond the temples, and food centres, a towering green and yellow block, reminscent of old-school Hong Kong architecture, is distinctly in view.


Image Credit: The Straits Times

Located right above People’s Park Complex, the building is easily accessible via the elevators at the shopping mall. The rooftop, once home to an urban agriculture business, is now deserted, giving off the feeling of an abandoned warehouse, even though the apartments are still occupied.

2014-12-18 11.39.27 copy

The rooftop makes for a great photo set, and provides a bird’s eye view of Chinatown.

4. Labrador Park

The second park on my list, and I admittedly chose it because it is one of my favourite jogging spots, making it the easiest place for me to snap an Instagram photo. However, it does not discount the fact that Labrador Park provides a picturesque view of the sea, something that helps make a photo pop admidst the buildings of Singapore.


As part of the Southern Ridges, it means that the famed Henderson Waves is just within walking distance, making it the best time to catch a good sunset photo after exploring Labrador park!


5. #archiworthy: Singapore Sports Hub

As an ardent sports fan, I just had to mention this. Despite the multiple hiccups the stadium has faced, the opening of the Singpaore Sports Hub was still one that was met with much anticipation nationwide. The retractable dome spanning across the 55,000 capacity stadium, coupled with its distinctive red and white seats, makes for an impressive #architecture photo.


Whether you are standing on the top of the long flight of stairs with the stadium as the backdrop, of inside the stadium amongst the eye-popping coloured seats, the photo is one to stand out.



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