Feelin’ Alive

This post is more a reminder to myself than anything else.

Feeling alive is probably more than just the motion of breathing. What’s the use of a living shell if it has lost its soul that resides within? We don’t just breathe to stay alive. We breathe to feel alive. Everyone of us.

Yet, as our heart pumps enthusiastically with every beat, sometimes, our mind interferes, throwing a veil over our eyes, and making us momentarily blind to the things that makes us feel alive.

As if we are puppets of the midnight show, we put on appearances for the stranger down the road, the annoying neighbour across the block, the people who don’t matter. We become slaves to the critiques that come both online & offline. We wrap ourselves in this deluded world of technology, presenting the perfect side of us, but never stopping to think if we’re truly happy inside. We forget the essence of what makes us feel alive.

In the chase for materialistic gains, the years pass by.

One day, we will wake up, and reality will slap us hard in the face. We are no longer the golden youth we thought we will always be. Our knees ache a little more, our faces more etched with wrinkles, our mind, possibly thinking about the wasted youth. It wanders.

Our minds.

It wonders, about the dreams we ought to have chased; the hobbies that we ought to have pursued; the adventures we ought to have went.

It wonders, about the stories that could have unfolded; the sights that could have been captured; the feeling of being alive.

But now, these have all become the figment of our imagination, for time loss can never be recovered.

Unknowingly, we have morphed into the people that we swore we’ll never be. The walking flesh, but non-beating heart. We live, but we are not really living.

This post is more a reminder to myself than anything else.

I’m probably due for an adventure.

What a beautiful world we live in!

What a beautiful world we live in!


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